Subtle Autumn Decor Touches for Your Living Room

Personally, I love autumn – the sunny crisp mornings, the beautiful colours and the beginning of darker evenings, that make you want to cosy up indoors.

As the seasons start to change I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few subtle ideas for how to to reflect that autumnal vibe in your living room decor. I’m not really one for having pumpkins around the place (except at halloween), so this is really about moving from bright breezy summer to a more cosy, intimate indoorsy feeling. It’s also a good excuse to have a bit of a refresh (if you need one!).


I love scented candles, they not only make your home smell amazing, but they also give a soft glow that no other form of light really can. Think autumn smells of blackberries and cinnamon – yum! Why not increase the number of candles you have around, real and LED (safer for little ones) to give that cosier feel in the evenings?

Image: Lights4Fun.
These candles on the mantlepiece really give the place a glow – and although I’m generally not a huge fan of pumpkins, these ones do look pretty good here!

Soften the Lights

As the nights start to draw in, I always prefer to reach for side lights and table lamps instead of the main ceiling light. Or why not try a couple of LED lights – for example as here around the bottom of a candle in a lantern, or a star light would look lovely on the mantlepiece.

Change up the Cushions and Throws

If your living room decor is neutral, then this is super-easy to do just by changing the cushion covers. Touches of warm reds, oranges and plums help to give the autumn feel. And of course, once you’ve had enough of them, you can put them away again to be re-used again next year. You can also change up the textures, so go for heavier weight throws, chunky knits and anything fluffy!

Autumn fireside - log burner with soft woollen throws on a sofa.
Image: Welsh Otter
This gorgeous cosy fireside sofa has added layers of colour and texture from the beautiful woolen throws on it. The fluffy rug on the floor also adds to the effect.
Neutral coloured sofa with different patterns  and textures of cushion to make it look cosy.
This neutral sofa is made cosy by the different patterns and textures of the cushions on it.

Autumnal Flowers / Berries / Leaves

Bring the outside in using seasonal flowers and berries to add a bit of colour to your living room:

Vase of dried flowers and leaves.
Image:Furniture Choice The orange coloured vase really sets off the dried flowers and gives that autumn feel.

That’s it! Short and sweet one today – hope it’s given you a few ideas!

Kate x.