Peel and Stick Tiles For A Backsplash Refresh

When we wanted to do a quick DIY kitchen renovation in our last house, one of our quick fix solutions was to use peel and stick tiles for covering up the old-fashioned kitchen backsplash. Whether you are after a temporary fix or a more permanent solution, these tiles have grown massively in popularity in the last few years.

The Problem

The backsplash was one area that had bugged me since we moved in to the house . Most of the kitchen tiles were plain, but the backsplash tiles above the cooker had a really old fashioned brown squares design. We didn’t want to remove them – as this would be a lot of work and mess. So I had to think of another way.

While browsing I found some ‘Peel and Stick’ tiles on Amazon. These tiles are textured and look very real and we would be able to put these peel and stick tiles over the existing tile backsplash. There was a range of colours, sizes and designs, so I chose a design that I thought would work with the worktops and cabinets that we had and we gave them a try.

Installing the Peel and Stick Tiles on the Backsplash

To install the tiles, you first make sure that the surface you are sticking them to is clean and smooth (the existing tiles were ideal). Next you simply trim the tile to the size / shape you want using scissors. There were a couple of plug sockets in our backsplash area, but these were easily trimmed around – similar to wallpapering. Then you carefully place the tile while gently peeling the backing off and stick it in place.

As the tiles we were using were mosaic ones, we didn’t have to worry about pattern matching, we simply lined up the next tile and repeated the process until the whole backsplash area was done. And that’s pretty much it! Once on the wall, you wouldn’t know they weren’t real. You don’t need to grout the peel and stick tiles as they look like they are grouted already! As long as you are really careful when applying them you also can’t see the joins between the tiles at all either.


They are amazing! They turned a pretty old-fashioned looking boring backsplash into something much more bright and modern. I’ll admit, I was worried whether a peel and stick tile kitchen backsplash would be any good, but once the tiles were on, they stayed on. I was also concerned whether the peel and stick tiles were waterproof; I thought they might peel off once steam and grease from the cooker got to them – but even after 6 months they held firm.

Backsplash with peel and stick tiles installed

To finish the area off we replaced all the sealant between the backsplash and the worktops – making everything look much cleaner and brighter. Using peel and stick tiles for the kitchen backsplash had transformed it in an afternoon – easy peasy!