Lego Storage Solutions and Cleaning Tips

Big messy pile of Lego

My kids have Lego. Loads of it. It started off as one small box of the stuff and has grown and grown until before we knew it there was just a sea of it everywhere…After trying a number of different things, these are my best Lego storage solutions and cleaning tips.

Storage Problems

Storing Lego was a pain. It was fine when it was just one box, but once that box was overflowing, what to do? Especially as the kids had multiple different vehicles / buildings/space ships that they might want to rebuild at any moment! We tried a Lego table, with drawers underneath for storage. In principle this was great, but in reality it just meant the Lego got left out all over the table all the time and eventually spread its way on to the floor too. We tried a big bag that you could spread out on the floor, but this didn’t really accommodate those half built models and delicate pieces, so the kids weren’t happy with this. I wasn’t happy either as it just seemed to spread the Lego further, faster.

A Practical Solution

In the end, I bought a set of clear plastic drawers, and painstakingly sorted the Lego into different colours. Grey and black in the bottom drawer, white and blue in the next drawer, all other colours in the next and finally all the Lego people and unique special pieces in the top drawer.

Don’t get me wrong, it still ends up all over the floor! But this is probably the best solution I have come up with. At least now it is much easier to tidy up as you just fling the bricks back into the appropriately coloured drawers. It also makes it much easier to find pieces when you want to build something, as you don’t have to scratch around for a tiny piece down at the bottom of a huge box, you can at least narrow it down a bit!

Cleaning the stuff…

Ugh, cleaning Lego! My kids like to keep some of their finished models out on display – which is fine, but they get incredibly dusty! Just how do you clean in between the bobbles?! After some Googling and experimentation, compressed air is the best solution I have found. You can buy cans of it on Amazon and you simply get the dusty item you want to clean, put the little wand thing into the end of the can and spray away. It gets all those little between-bobble nooks and crannies! Plus it’s pretty fun to do – the kids will even be wanting to do it themselves – win-win!

Here are some before and afters:

What are your Lego storage solutions and cleaning tips