“The Perfect Dual-Purpose Space: Creative Guest Bedroom Home Office Ideas”

desk setup in warm cosy bedroom

Welcome fellow work-from-homers! In the last few years working from home has become much more the norm. For many people, if they are lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, it’s often infrequently used, so doubling it up as a home office can be a great idea. Being able to work effectively from home cuts your commute and frees up that time to be more present and productive at home. It also potentially saves you money! But how do you go about creating a functional workspace that can also comfortably accommodate guests in what is often a fairly small space? Here are a few guest bedroom home office ideas to help strike a good balance.

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Choosing Furniture for Your Multi-Functional Space

The biggest item that your guest room will have to accommodate is a bed. If you have the space to have a permanent bed set up, then great; this is always going to be the most comfortable thing. However for many people this just won’t be a practical option in your guest bedroom when you also need to accommodate a home office. So you could consider more flexible options – for example a sofa-bed, or a day-bed with a trundle beneath. There are also options for foldaway beds and perhaps even a murphy bed set up – though these tend to be very costly! With a bit of creative thinking there are many different options available that are both stylish and functional. You could also consider inflatable beds if the room is only used occasionally as a guest bedroom. These can be surprisingly comfortable and are a low-cost very practical option.

Left image: Bed in a bun fold away bed – Loaf. Middle image: The big chill 3 seater sofa bed – Snug Sofa. Right image: Banero folding oak Murphy bed – La Redoute interiors

Similarly, when thinking about your home office, a good sized desk and a comfortable ergonomic office chair are key. These days many people have a dual monitor screen set up and having a large enough desk is really important. If space is at a premium, consider a fold-down desk, that can maybe double as a headboard for guest bed purposes! If like me you only require a laptop for work, you could consider a bureau with a fold out desk. This also provides handy storage too!

Left image: Briolette Bureau, OKA. Middle image: Highgate Rustic Oak and Painted Desk – Oak Furnitureland. Right image: Rustic Saw Cut Ladder Desk – Vincent & Barn

For working purposes, having a desk near a window is always nice; it also provides a bright outlook for guests. Similarly, while a comfy chair is important for working, it can also double up as an inviting spot for reading for guests. There are lots of stylish and yet comfortable options around.

Left image: Exeter Leather Vintage Style Office Chair – Peppermill Interiors. Middle image: Form Teal Velvet Office Chair with Armrest – Danetti. Right image:  Lottie Office Chair – Cult Furniture.

Wall mounted shelves are a great way of providing storage in a home office that won’t impact when using as a guest bedroom. Similarly if you have space for a full bed – consider an ottoman bed that provides lots of space underneath to store both spare bedding and files / papers that might not be needed on a daily basis.

A retractable hook on the wall is also a discreet way of providing some hanging space for occasional guests.

If you have the space and want to provide a bit of separation between your home office and your guest bedroom area, a room dividing screen is a great idea to do this. It also looks great in the background on work calls!

Left image:  Rattan and Wood Room Divider – Ella James. Right image: Wood Merel Folding Room Divider Screen – Cuckooland

Lighting Tips to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Another really important consideration for your guest bedroom / home office is lighting. For your workspace lighting needs to be bright and functional. As mentioned previously, natural light from a window is always welcome. This can be supplemented with a good overhead light and practical task lighting such as desk lamps. For when guests are staying you can add floor lamps or a table lamp for more ambient lighting. It’s also pretty easy these days to get light bulbs where the light levels are adjustable to suit your room.

Image: Mo Desk Lamp – Pooky

Design Ideas to Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Just because your home office is a practical space, it doesn’t mean it can’t also be a pretty guest bedroom! When decorating consider using colours that promote relaxation and focus; blues and greens are ideal. Also warm neutrals that feel warm and comfortable.

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If you have a wheeled office chair then it’s probably best to have a hard surface on the floor. Remember to also have a nice soft rug for your visitors! A soft throw for the bed and a cushion or two also really add to a comfortable and inviting guest room.

Little things like providing phone chargers for guests are also a really nice touch – and you’ll probably have them on hand for your home office anyway.

So there you have it! guest bedroom home office ideas that will make your space work as hard as you do! Whether you’re hosting friends, family, or just a solo workday, these tips and tricks will help you strike the perfect balance between productivity and hospitality. So, go ahead, turn that spare room into a haven where work and rest collide in the most delightful way possible. Happy decorating!