Brave Toys Climbing Frame Review

All views expressed in this review are my own – I have no affiliation whatsover with Brave Toys.

When we moved into our new house last summer, one of the things we promised the kids was that we would get them a new climbing frame. This was to replace the one that we had had to throw away (only because it was so old it fell apart when we tried to dismantle it!) before we moved.

The old climbing frame was metal and had lots of elements that the kids loved, including monkey bars and a sitting platform, it also had a slide which they weren’t very fussed by. The kids were also keen to have a swing on the new frame.

We looked at lots of climbing frames. There are many wooden ones available, however we found that these were generally a bit on the small side. Our boys are now 9 and 7, so were looking for something a bit more adventurous and sturdy that would last until their teen years.

Eventually we hit on the Brave Toys website and their selection of climbing frames. These are metal frames, designed specifically for older kids with a wide selection of different features and fittings to cater for different tastes.

We decided to go for a single swing set, with a ‘knobbly leg’ for climbing up on one side.

We teamed that with a ‘Cliff hanger’ – a section that fits to the side of the swing, with a platform and a fireman’s pole.

There are loads of different swing seat options available – such as monkey swings, hammock swings and trapeze bars, but we decided for now just to go for a basic seat. We thought we could always change things up as the kids get older.

The kids loved it! It is super-sturdy and they can climb and swing all over it without any problems. It is self-assembly, but barring a few fiddly bits, it was mostly pretty straightforward to put together.

After a couple of months, we decided to add the Cliffhanger ‘Scrambler’. This is essentially a set of monkey bars that can be climbed up over and underneath, which adds even more to the fun. The kids are out and playing on the climbing frame every single day. They can do so much on it, I keep telling them we are training them up to appear on the ‘Ninja Warrior’ TV show!

Climbing frame review - picture of fully assembled climbing frame in the garden.

I love that the design means it isn’t too obtrusive in the garden and also it doesn’t take up too much space either. Overall I think the whole family is delighted with this buy. It wasn’t cheap but it should last for years, and hopefully we can even sell it on once our kids grow out of it – so hopefully others can enjoy it too.

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