Box Room Bulkhead Ideas: How to Make the Most of a Small Space

wardrobe and cabin bed built over stairs bulkhead.

How To Make The Most Of A Box Room With A Stair Bulkhead

When I was a child my bedroom was the box room – it was tiny! It must have been about 8ft by about 6ft. The space was partly taken up with the stair box, (or stair bulkhead), leaving very little room for manoeuvre. Many homes have a stair box in the smallest bedroom and knowing how to best make use of this space can be a real challenge. Here I have rounded up some of the best box room bulkhead ideas for inspiration:

Stair Box Wardrobe

In my childhood bedroom I had the bulkhead for the stairs in one corner. A previous home owner had built a cupboard onto this otherwise fairly unusable space, that meant I had a built-in wardrobe and a useful set of shelves in this space instead, similar to the far left image below:

In the centre image above, a double wardrobe has been created by incorporating the stair box into one half of the wardrobe. In the far right image, the stair box has been removed, leaving the slope of the stairs ceiling. This saves quite a bit of space.

Build a Cabin Bed On Top of the Stair Bulkhead

In a tiny bedroom with limited space, a great way to make use of the space above the stair bulkhead is by building in a cabin bed. You can also incorporate extra storage underneath the bed. In the image on the far left below, the stair box has been incorporated into a wardrobe and then a cabin bed has also been built in, with storage below. This is a stylish option that shows how you could incorporate a bed in a box room that is suitable for adults. In the image on the right, the bed itself has been built partly on top of the stair box, leaving room to add storage underneath.

This could even be a relatively simple DIY job, as can be seen in the YouTube video below by Paul Evans:

Other Box Room Bulkhead Ideas

In this example from Ikeahackers below, a desk has been built over the stair box, with lots of storage shelves incorporated into the part over the stair bulkhead.

Image from Ikeahackers

Or how about using the bulkhead as a cosy reading nook:

Or as a stylish bench seat with shelves:

It can be tricky living with a box room stair bulkhead, but with a bit of imagination and a few good ideas you can make use of the area and maximise the space that you have 🙂

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