5 Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas

Wallpaper featuring pattern of games consoles

I have 2 sons, and I am so bored of seeing bedroom ideas for boys themed along the lines of cars, planes, sport or dinosaurs. Their tastes change incredibly quickly as they grow, so I don’t want to decorate their room with their favourite TV character – as they’ll probably have gone off it by the time I’m finished! But the choices for boys bedroom decor in many of the high street shops just seem to be pretty samey. So I’m interested in finding some cool boys bedroom ideas that will see them through the next few years.

By the way, I feel equally sorry for little girls too; if you don’t like pink glittery unicorns you’ve had it!

Insect Themed Boys Bedroom

Insects seem to carry both a fascination and a hint of edginess that many kids (both boys and girls) enjoy. You could create a cool insect-themed feature wall with wallpaper such as this fabulous one from Ebern Designs (on Wayfair):

Dark grey wallpaper featuring beetle drawings on it - a cool boys bedroom decor idea.

Or, if this is too bold, then perhaps use some prints of insects, such as these by Marielle Leenders on Iamfy:

You could pick up some of the gorgeous jewel tones in the colours of the insects to use around the rest of the room too.

Stars and Space Themed Bedroom

There are a number of places you could go with this theme; a softer stars theme, with wallpaper such as this from World of Wallpaper:

silver and grey stars wallpaper - a boy bedroom decor idea.

Or a more grown up spacey theme with something like this from Arthouse Wallpaper:

Wallpaper featuring star constellations as an idea for a cool boys bedroom decor theme.

There are lots of great bedding and accessory options available for this theme too:

This is how I used a Stars theme in my 7 year old’s bedroom.

stars and space themed 7 year old boys bedroom.

Cactus Themed Bedroom

I absolutely love this cactus wallpaper by Muralswallpaper:

wallpaper featuring a cactus pattern.

This would make a cool boy’s bedroom idea, providing a fresh backdrop to everything else in the room and again there are some brilliant accessories available:


Geometric wallpaper has been really popular the last couple of years and there are a vast array of wallpapers out there. Here are a few that I particularly like:

Again, if using patterned wallpaper on the wall is too much, you can pick it up in the accessories instead:

A Cool Video Gamers Themed Bedroom

I found this fabulous wallpaper for video gamers by MuralsWallpaper:

Wallpaper featuring pattern of games consoles

If this is too much there are also some great Wall Decals available, such as this one, by Amazon:

'gamer' wall mural that could be a feature in a themed boys bedroom.

There are also some pretty awesome art prints out there too such as these from WallBuddy on Etsy:

Video games themed art prints for a video gamers themed boys bedroom.

What are your favourite cool boys bedroom ideas? I’m always looking for more inspiration! Click to see how I used a space theme in my younger son’s bedroom and geometric pieces in my older son’s room