3 Christmas Decoration Looks

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet? Despite 2020 being the wierdest and probably the most depressing year ever, I’m hanging on into December to do mine! Do you always decorate your home and tree in the same way? I have accumulated a varied collection of decorations over the years, so I thought I’d have a fun look at 3 different Christmas decor styles today 🙂

1. Natural Decor

One of the lovely things about Christmas for me is the natural smells! Bringing in branches and leaves from outside is a brilliant and cheap way to do this! Whilst real christmas trees aren’t for everyone (our dog cocked his leg up ours last time we had one!), there are some lovely scented oils and sprays available to make the most plastic of trees smell gorgeous!

Last year, using a some floristry wire and a hoop, absolutely no skill whatsover and a You Tube video, I managed to produce this:

This just used trimmings from the evergreen bushes in my garden. While I know it’s not the most awe-inspiring wreath ever, I was pretty pleased with it as a first attempt.

I also managed to produce this for my mantelpiece using a couple of trays of oasis:

Once I had added in some fairy lights and hung stockings etc. – it looked great!

It might be a bit messy, but it smelt lovely and when lit up with fairy lights and combined with all the other decorations, it looked fab! There are loads of ways you can use natural things in your Christmas decorations – how about collecting up some pine cones and spraying them gold or silver to display in a bowl?

Or cut an orange into thin slices and dry slowly on a low heat in the oven for a few hours to create dried orange slices? You can simply hang them on a ribbon and pop on the tree, or wire them into a garland or wreath to add a bit of colour.

You could also find a small branch and hang some baubles from it as a simple way to brighten up a corner.

2. Traditional Christmas Decor – Red, Green & Gold

Red berries, poinsettias and gold are the traditional colours of Christmas – and they’re beautiful:

I absolutely love a Poinsettia at Christmas! These wreaths combine the traditional and natural themes together perfectly.

There are all kinds of baubles and tree ornaments around to buy, here are a few that I like:

I also love that a more traditional theme allows for all those old, homemade decorations to come out – I love putting all the the little decorations that my kids have made or collected over the years out on display – much to their horror these days!

3. Crisp Winter White

If you have the self-discipline to stick to just white (I don’t!), then it can look truly stunning:

Magical White Pine Christmas Tree, £225 by Cox and Cox

There are lots of beautiful white accessories to be found which can be used all around the house:

You don’t have to spend a fortune buying decorations though – you can easily make paper stars and snowflakes for either your Christmas tree or other places in the house. Here is a simple You Tube tutorial by Red Ted Art to show you how:

And you end up with a lovely star!

You could also make some salt-dough decorations for your tree:

Well hopefully that’s given you some Christmas Decoration inspiration? I’m off to get mine out of the loft!

Have fun & Merry Christmas!